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Thanks for sharing @sophianjamil !

Thu | 2 February 2017
Another happy customer with Wonder Bumpers and Teething Guards! 

Thank u @sophianjamil for sharing with us the photo of your precious little one and his well-protected baby cot!									

50% Off Wonder Bumpers!

Thu | 2 February 2017
50% Off Wonder Bumpers! 

Hurry, choose yours today. Discount is available while stocks last.									

Thank you @instameghann !

Thu | 2 February 2017
Thank you @instameghann for allowing us to share this beautiful pic of your baby gal sleeping so comfortably next to Wonder Bumpers! 

Have u got your Wonder Bumpers yet?

Sale now on!									

Lovely sharing from littlemrs.m !

Thu | 2 February 2017
Wonder Bumpers is suitable for all types of baby cots. If your cot rail is thicker, just join 2pcs and voila! You can wrap up the thicker rail!

Thank you @littlemrs.m for sharing this lovely picture of your cot with Wonder Bumpers on it! 

Wonderbumpers in sophisticated Black & White color!

Mon | 24 October 2016
Wonderbumpers - The only globally patented vertical cot bumpers from USA
In sophisticated Black & White color!
100% cotton,  machine washable 

Find out more.
Whatsapp or Call: +65 88287778

Such a cutie!

Mon | 24 October 2016
Thank you @twintervention for letting us share this precious photo! 

Wonder Bumpers Teething Guards - help to protect your little ones from hurting their gums and teeth, and prevent them from eating any toxic paint or varnish from the cot! Smart ... Read more									

Teething Guards!

Mon | 24 October 2016
Protect your little ones from all that toxic varnish and paints from the cots! 									

Alondra Baby Bubbles Collection

Mon | 24 October 2016
Alondra Baby Bubbles Collection. 

Simply adorable! 									

Takashimaya Baby Fair is here again!

Mon | 24 October 2016
Takashimaya Baby Fair is here again! From 18 Sep to 2 Oct.

Come visit and check out the legendary Alondra Baby Convertible Cot! 									

Love how this baby room is decorated!

Mon | 24 October 2016
Premium Kurve Convertible Cot in Ice White Gloss. 

○ Non-Toxic Varnish 
○ Converts to Toddler bed or Desk 
○ High Gloss Finish									

Alondra Baby

Mon | 24 October 2016
Another wonderful photo shared by our wonderful customer, @clarencewyx 

Such an adorable baby room! Thanks for taking such a nice photo and sharing!									

Alondra Baby Brand New Co-Sleeper is Here!

Mon | 24 October 2016
The only Co-Sleeper that can still be useful after you baby has outgrown it!
Transforms into a Desk!
Make an appointment to visit our showroom to check it out now. 

Whatsapp or Call: (65) 8828 7778									

Alondra Baby Bath Changer

Mon | 24 October 2016
Yet another satisfied customer! Thank u Sya for allowing us to share the photo! 									

Alondra Baby Zero Bubble Convertible Cot!

Mon | 24 October 2016
Nicely assembled in customer's house. Thank you Kenneth for sharing the photo.									

Alondra Baby Convertible Cot

Mon | 24 October 2016
The baby nursery will sure look so magical with it!
Simply Love It!

Find out more!
Call: +65 8828 7778									

It's tough to be a Mum.

Mon | 24 October 2016
But it's hard to be a young child too!

Be patient, stay positive!									

A Tribute to Mothers

Mon | 24 October 2016
Take this chance to tell her Thank You!

Video credit: Story of this life									

Alondra Baby launches its first ever Co-Sleeper!

Mon | 24 October 2016
Alondra Baby launches its first ever Co-Sleeper! 

Arriving in our showroom in end May 2016! The best co-sleeper we have ever seen. 

Available for pre-orders now. 

Call: 8828 7778

Young Parents Apr 2016 - Alondra Editorial Coverage

Mon | 28 March 2016

LiveWell Baby Dec-Jan 2016 - Alondra Editorial Coverage

Mon | 28 March 2016

Little Magazine Nov 2015 - Alondra Editorial Coverage

Mon | 28 March 2016

Alondra Baby Arts Series Furniture

Fri | 15 January 2016
Alondra Premium Arts Series Furniture
Beautiful Scandinavian design for your baby's room. 
The cot can also be converted into a toddler bed or desk to extend its use beyond the cot.									

Paediatrician Advises Against Crib Bumpers

Wed | 30 December 2015
Researcher has found a link of increased infant death to the use of conventional crib bumpers. Would you continue to use it even though it is not banned in Singapore? Why risk it when you can use Wonder Bumpers?  									

40% Off All Wonder Bumpers

Mon | 21 December 2015
From now on, all purchases of Wonder Bumpers products will enjoy 40% OFF!									

Why Conventional Bumpers are not good enough?

Thu | 5 November 2015
Wonder Bumpers - Do u know the benefits?
Do you find yourself having to wake up and walk to the cot so as to see how's your little one doing inside the cot? 
With Wonder Bumpers, you don't have to anymore! No more blocked vision like the ... Read more									

Wondering how Wonder Bumpers work? 神奇婴儿床围 - 看看有多神奇!

Thu | 5 November 2015
Wonder Bumpers are easy to put on, and yet gives your precious little one good protection. 
Watch the video to see the Wonders. 
神奇婴儿床围 - 保护宝宝不碰撞,促进空气循环