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Navy & Red Wonder Bumpers, 38 Pack
Product SKU : 19962271021

"Wonder Bumpers are the only safe solution for creating a protective and comforting environment for your baby." Dr. Melinda Holliday, Pediatrician

Create a bright and cheerful room for your baby with this modern and sophisticated color combination.
Check out our Mix and Match ideas to create a custom look.
Each Wonder Bumper is reversible, offering 2 color choices, allowing you to create the unique look for your baby’s room.

COUNT YOUR CRIB RAILS to see how many Wonder Bumpers you need. 38 rails is the average number.

Just zip on! Made to fit ANY crib. They can compress and stretch to fit any size rail: wide or skinny, short or long.
Wonder Bumpers' sleek, vertical design effortlessly zips on your crib in a downward motion ensuring babies do not have access to the pull.
Zip 2 or more pieces of Wonder Bumpers together to cover corners or wider rails.

Measurement of each piece of Wonder Bumper: 24" high and 6" wide.
Material: 100% Cotton. Lead-free zippers.
Care instructions: Easy to wash! Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, tumble dry low. Do not iron. Do not wash more than 10 Wonder Bumpers at a time.
SGD $ 299.00