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Ecus Kids Organic Mattress 60x120x12cm
Product SKU : 8433905242176

● Made with Organically-Grown Cotton Fabric - Certified "Organic Cotton" guarantees that the fabric which the child sleeps on is a natural bed originating from organically-grown cotton free of pesticides and noxious substances.
● Maximum Breathability and Hygiene - More comfortable nights on the softness of cotton.
● Bio Nucleus - Manufactured with natural soya oils that are less harmful to the environment. They also include lower, mid and upper channels to optimise ventilation. Certified Class 1 Oeko-Tex 100.
● 2 Different Sides for 2 Stages of Growth - Firmer for children of less than 6 months; meets recommendations to prevent sudden breastfed baby deaths. Less firm for children over 6 months in order to prevent plagiocephaly ("flat head syndrome"), with a bed that is more adaptable to the child's head.
● Easy-to-Wash - Its perimeter zip enables you to wash each part separately at home without them losing their characteristics.
● 5 Years Warranty against manufacturing defects
● Made in Spain
SGD $ 365.00